Other Asynchronous e-Learning Scenarios

While the main content of this Digital Guide to e-learning focuses on the production of WBTs, there are some other asynchronous e-learning scenarios to consider:


  • Learning through Video@Bayer (e.g., recorded presentations or learning nuggets)

  • Other digital learning material presented with the AICC wrapper (e.g., Word documents, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations or videos)



Video@Bayer offers a video hosting platform similar to YouTube. Videos can be uploaded and shared among users. They can also be included in a WBT or as a single learning item in the SuccessFactors LMS / My Learning.

Video is commonly used to record presentations. This can be done using the Video@Bayer system and the integrated Qumu screen recorder, which offers an easy way to record a PowerPoint presentation including a voiceover. Such recordings can quickly be uploaded and distributed using the Video@Bayer system. More detailed information including contacts can be found in the Video@Bayer Connections community.


AICC Wrapper

The AICC Wrapper in the SuccsessFactors LMS / My Learning provides a way of presenting digital documents — such as a Word document, a PDF file, a link or a video — as a learning unit (or content object). This document is then presented in a frame. Below the frame, there is a button to confirm that the document has been read or the video has been viewed. The learning event is then recorded in the user’s learning history.