Power Apps Template by Bayer

To help you apply our corporate design principles for Power Apps we are pleased to share a template that serves as an excellent starting point for your next application.

Introducing the Template

We want to ensure that applications developed in our organization maintain a cohesive and branded look and feel while delivering an exceptional user experience across platforms and devices. To address this, we have developed a Power Apps template with a focus on:


a. Incorporating Bayer Corporate Branding Elements

This includes colors, logos, and typography, ensuring consistency across all platforms where Power Apps are utilized within the organization.


b. Intuitive Layouts and Navigation Structures

The template consists of intuitive layouts and navigation structures, which contribute to user experience and satisfaction. Using the template allows us to create an organizational standard that guides users seamlessly through internal applications.


c. Responsive Design and Compatibility

The template is designed to be responsive and compatible with various devices and screen sizes, ensuring optimal layout fitting to available space.


Starting your new Power Apps project with this template will save you valuable time by offering you proven solutions and intuitive layouts.

The template was created by Global Business Services Xperience Lab project team consisting of experts from Intelligent Automation (Julia Korzeniewska, Michał Bainka) and Visual Design Services (Agnieszka Sendecka).