Formality and Style

Group discussed in front of the screen with Bayer Cross

Here are some more tips and recommendations on formality and style to enable consistent and correct use of our Corporate language





Write numbers ‘one‘ to ‘nine‘ as words. ‘10‘ and above should appear as figures. This also applies to ordinal numbers such as ‘first‘, ‘ninth‘ and ‘10th‘. As a non-native, remember the different usage of comma and period in numbers (e.g. 1 million = 1,000,000.00 I one and a half = 1.5).


Acronyms and abbreviations:

Always spell out acronyms and abbreviations in full the first time you use them, with the acronym following in brackets.


Quotation marks:

Use “Quotation Marks” when quoting someone. Single inverted commas (') should only be used when describing or identifying something, e.g. "ordinal numbers such as ‘first‘, ‘ninth‘ and ‘10th‘."


Please use the percentage sign ‘%' and not ‘percent‘ written out. Don't use a space between the number and the percentage sign: 80 %


Sentence case:
Use a capital letter at the beginning of bullet points and headings.



Currencies are always given in a three-letter code: EUR, USD, etc.
The positioning is as follows: EUR 1,000,000.00/EUR 100 million/in EUR million.


Phone/fax numbers:

Please use the country code with a ‘+‘ (not with ‘00‘), the area code without ‘0‘ and the extension with a ‘-‘ (e.g. +49 214 30-1).