E-Mail Services

Any kind of e-mail service, such as page recommendation functions or newsletters, can be considered as unsolicited communication (spam). As this may lead to legal action, if you use this function on your website then the following approaches must be followed. In addition the privacy statement for the website must include the relevant module.


Newsletter subscription

For newsletter subscriptions confirmation of consent (double opt-in) must be obtained from a user. This can be done either through clicking on a one-off link in an e-mail or replying to it.

Sample newsletter confirmation e-mail

Data privacy guidelines for newsletters


Page recommendation

For simple recommendations, set the link “recommend this page” to create an e-mail on a user’s computer with a predefined subject and body including the link.

Sample e-mail text and implementation

Data privacy guidelines for recommendation functions



For services such as e-cards, where you are sending e-mails on a user’s behalf, in addition to a double opt-in, you must obtain the user’s consent to send an e-mail in their name. Any e-mail then sent must be created with the user as sender and may not contain any reference to the company.

Sample e-card confirmation e-mail

Data privacy guidelines for e-cards


If you have any questions then please consult your local legal department.