Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Event Reports

If you receive reports regarding adverse events, or concerning the safety and quality of a Bayer product, it is important to deal with them promptly and correctly. In many cases the relevant company, division or business unit will have standard operation procedures for the handling of such messages. Please note that such procedures apply not only to the directly related websites but to all Bayer websites which can be viewed by the general public.


Any relevant e-mails must immediately be forwarded to the local pharmacovigilance contact.


For Bayer Phamaceuticals and Consumer Health medicinal products for human use, such messages must be passed on to the department responsible within 24 hours of receipt. Please refer to the Bayer policy Product Safety and Quality: Reporting Obligations of Employees (available only on the Bayer intranet), chapters 2 and 3 for further information. In every case contact your local pharmacovigilance department to ensure that requirements described in the regulation are adequately covered on your website. 

In addition, we recommend that as long as this complies with the law in their country, all Bayer websites add the following disclaimer, translated and adjusted as necessary, to the contact form. Please discuss any changes with your local pharmacovigilance officer.

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