Development Phases

The processes during the design and development phases vary according to the module classification. This then affects the length of time required from storyboard to finalization.


Once the initial storyboard is complete, the e-learning company should circulate it among the subject matter experts for review. This can be an iterative process, requiring multiple reviews and updates, particularly for bespoke and custom modules.


The storyboard for a rapid module can be provided in PowerPoint format, ready for quick import into a PowerPoint conversion tool. This makes it unnecessary for the prototype to undergo further review. Prototype development for a rapid module should take place relatively quickly.


Creating bespoke and custom prototypes may involve a lengthy development consisting of complex interactions and multimedia assets. Bespoke and custom prototypes should be circulated for review, and may result in multiple updates.


A verification step should be included for all modules in order to confirm that each specific module is ready for release. The verification step also provides the opportunity to complete a full technical test of the module to ensure that all the functionalities are working correctly and that the module integrates with the learning management system (LMS). For further details please refer to the relevant LMS:


Implementation & Rollout for the SuccessFactors / My Learning


Review process



Content Review

The content review should be done based on the storyboard and should be considered as a stage gate. The implementation of changes after a storyboard has been approved can lead to additional efforts.


Technical Requirements and Final Technical Testing

To ensure compatibility with Bayer’s major LMS (SuccessFactors LMS / My Learning) please refer to the chapter on “Technical Standards".


We expect the provider to perform technical testing before delivering the final e-learning software. An exemplary checklist for such testing is provided for use by the specific providers (including the testing of the AICC or SCORM communication interface if applicable). After the technical testing in the environment of the e-learning developer, an integration test in the SuccessFactors LMS / My Learning needs to be facilitated as well. Because this integration test needs to be planned early, make sure to plan sufficient time for this step.