Media Pool introduces a new “Connector” for Shutterstock images

Bayer digital assets management platform Media Pool has recently launched a new feature, a connector with Shutterstock Images, which allows licensed Shutterstock images, videos, music or 3D assets automatically to be integrated into Media Pool, and to be shared with other Bayer users globally without licensing and usage issues.




This new feature has two major contributions to Bayer’s media asset management. Firstly, any Shutterstock images or other content pieces which have been licensed by any Bayer units (through a Bayer corporate account) will be remarked as “Licensed” in Shutterstock. You don’t need to license them again and these assets can be found once purchased in the Media Pool. This avoids duplicated image purchases within Bayer companies. Secondly, the image licensed under any Bayer corporate account ensures a global usage without time and geographic limitations, which is a great benefit especially for global campaigns. 


For normal users, if you need Shutterstock images, please first check the Media Pool for availability.


For users who want to license Shutterstock images, you may consider joining Bayer’s Corporate Account at Shutterstock, which is already integrated with Bayer’s Single Sign On, allowing all Bayer colleagues to access. This account is also customized to accommodate Bayer’s PO and payment workflow. please contact Bayer account manager at Shutterstock if you need further information or make an inquiry:


Louise Westhoff Lazik or Sarah Bell at:


Shutterstock also provides special services like consultation, customization or production for specific content according to your business needs, such as 3D animations, images with requested elements and etc…


Find more information on Identity Net:


Bayer Contact Person:

Corporate Brand Management