The Community Engagement Virtual Team

The Community Engagement Virtual Team handles community engagement across all global Bayer and Business Partner channels. Please reach out to should you have questions or want to collaborate on Community Engagement.

Community Engagement Purpose 

To align community engagement strategy globally across functions as well as business partners, regions and countries. The strategy can be executed on any channel — social or web, internal or external — where Bayer is engaging with the community. 


Community Engagement Definition 

The Community Engagement Virtual Team builds and fosters communities. We identify, engage in and moderate discussions that relate to our brand and the fields we are operating in to build trust and provide a positive brand experience.​We take an active role in editorial planning and bring in our content creation and publishing experience.


Community Engagement Team — Focus Areas 


Community Engagement Team Focus Areas

Our Responsibilities


Shift Team (Level 2) 

Answers sensitive posts based on Playbook, reviews answer suggestions and escalates engagements to the time zone escalation leads (critical) or business partner queues (topical).​


Agency Partner (Level 1) 

Screens inbound queue and labels posts. Autonomously answers posts that can be addressed based on Playbook. Escalates all other posts to the shift inbound queue (where feasible) with answer suggestions. Offers support with analytics, reporting and projects.


Community Engagement Lead

Responsible for organizing the overall team, ensuring consistent strategy execution and driving strategy development by collaborating across Bayer communications teams.​


Playbook Lead

Responsible for maintaining and reviewing the playbook and its lifecycle framework.​


Time Zone Escalation Leads (Level 3) 

Responsible for escalations that occur within their respective time zone. Holds decision-making authority in alignment with COMs team depending on topic and severity.​


Analytics and Reporting Lead

Works together with the agency partner and Sprinklr to create dashboards and reports for the team or other stakeholders as needed. Proposes actions based on gathered insights.​


Bayer Business Focus Leads

Work with enablement teams and AG channel planning for overall strategic messaging with Bayer business issues/topics, event outreach and activations. Responsible for Bayer AG specific Playbook items and Sprinklr inbound queue.​


Business Partner Focus Leads

Embed with business partners in order to collaborate on their messaging, issues/topics and activations. Responsible for Business Partner specific Playbook items and Sprinklr inbound queues.



Deputies are not part of the CE core team but can be activated in times of high volume or large staffing gaps (e.g., because of sickness, sudden company leaves or business travel). Deputies should be onboarded to the team and the resources, trained on Sprinklr and receive regular refresher sessions to the QA and application, current tools and workflows. Topical experts may also be brought in for a limited time to handle specific expert queues (e.g., HR / QHSE “back to the office” internal communications)

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