Colors & Typography

Color palette

The color scheme fundamentally de?nes the image of Roundup®. Because black, orange, and green are de?ned as the house colors of Roundup®, a standardized color scheme is ensured.


Shades of black and green are permitted in order to accentuate design elements and to enable the greatest possible variety of design options. Shades of orange are not allowed. Generally, however, the company colors are to be used as full-tone colors.


Pantone  Black C

RGB          0/0/0

CMYK       0/0/0/100


Pantone  1595 C

RGB          255/102/0

CMYK        0/60/100/0


Pantone   369 C

RGB           89/177/38

CMYK        65/0/100/0



Font usage

The font is a crucial and de?ning component of the Roundup® image. The following styles are used:

  • Myriad Pro Bold Italic for headings, subheadings, and for emphasis

  • Alternative – Myriad Pro Bold Condensed Italic for headings, subheadings, and emphasis in very long texts or very narrow formats

  • Helvetica Neue (T1) Roman for paragraph text in all printed materials

  • Alternative – Helvetica Neue (T1) Condensed for bulk text such as product information on labels


Arial can be used only for multimedia projects such as on the internet, PowerPoint presentations, or communications that are produced directly from PC systems and with the help of desktop printers.





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