Brand Mark

The elements within the Roundup® brand mark have a specific size/space relationship with each other, and as such should not be altered in any way. Always adhere to the three main colors.


Primary Brand Mark

Primary Brand Mark


Brand Mark Versions

The Roundup® brand mark can be displayed in multiple versions. Use the proper artwork for your intended application.

Roundup-spot (Pantone Spot)
Roundup-4cp (CMYK)








Clear Space Boundaries

The clear space is designed to allow the Roundup® brand mark to be free from other elements to maintain its legibility and integrity.


Clear Space Boundaries


Minimum Usage Size

The clear space and minimum size requirements are designed to ensure legibility and maintain the integrity of the brand mark.


Minimum Usage size



In order to preserve the integrity and legibility of the brand mark, DO NOT alter the mark in any way.

  • Do not move the mark components
  • Do not use the mark as part of a headline or in the text
  • Only use approved PMS colors
  • Do not condense, lengthen or shorten the mark in any way (aspect ratio needs to be maintained)
  • Do not use low resolution
  • Never use as a watermark
  • Check sizing and spacing in all uses
  • Do not alter type
  • Do not alter graphic mark


Violations 01
Do not change the aspect ratio


Violations 02
Do not move the mark components


Violations 03
Do not alter the color
Violations 04
Do not delete any part


Violations 05
Do not alter type or graphic mark


Violations 06
Never use as a watermark






If you have any further questions, please contact:
Matthias Lindecke
Matthias Lindecke
Crop Protection
+49 2173 38-3633