Brand Identity – Brand Background

Safety, Efficiency, Competence and Consequence – the essence is Power.

These words are the heart and soul of our brand, and every point of contact we have with customers must reflect these core values. As Roundup® is an international brand that retails in over 130 countries, there is a strong need for a global identity. This identity must be strong enough to make Roundup® instantly recognizable to any consumer in any country, yet flexible enough to accommodate local or national attitudes and perceptions.


Using color coding, typefaces, iconography and imagery, we have developed a new system of communications that will create a strong emotional link with our customers. Given the flow of new Roundup® products, this step will help remind our growers of the innovative nature of Roundup®.

Furthermore, this fresh forward reaching approach will reassure our customer of Roundup’s promise to remain true to our brand’s core values Power with Safety, Efficiency, Competence and Consequence well into the foreseeable future




A single thought that captures the soul of the brand.

What does the brand stand for?

Emotional Benefit
How does the customer feel when using Roundup® products?

Rational Benefit
What tangible advantages does the customer receive?

Product Benefit
What products and services does Roundup® deliver?

Character and Symbols
What are the signs, symbols, colours and images that characterise the Roundup® brand?



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