Roundup® Logo


Brand mark

The elements within the Roundup® logo have a specific size/space relationship with each other, and as such should not be altered in any way. The three main corporate colors below must always by adhered to. Where possible the Pantone color system must be used, however if the need arises CMYK (e.g. advertising within an editorial format) or RGB (e.g. PowerPoint presentations) can also be used.


Parent brand

dsRoundup® logo


The Roundup® logo on a black background


The Roundup® logo, black and white


The Roundup® logo, black and white, on a black background

Parent brand with claim

The Roundup® logo can be combined with a claim

  • The claim is positioned below the logo.

  • The length of the claim must not exceed that of the Roundup® logo.

  • Myriad Pro Bold Italic must be used for the font

logo05.pngThe original Roundup® logo with claim

adfThe Roundup® logo with claim on a black background

Roundup® logo with suffix

The product logo is made up of the original Roundup® logo and the product name below that.

  • Country-specific product name

  • Product name color should be Roundup® Orange

  • Font type: BureauGrotesque ThreeSeven, if possible

  • Inclination: 12°




“Positive” version to be used on a white background

sfa“Negative” version to be used on a black background


If you have any questions, please contact your expert:
Verena Decker
EMEA Roundup Guidelines
49 2173 2076-593
Matthias Lindecke
Crop Protection
+49 2173 38-3633