Live Events

At career fairs and internal or external live events, candidates have the chance to experience "Be You. Be Bayer." and what Bayer stands for as an employer much more holistically than at online events.


Because people have been proven to evoke an emotional response, we also use our people imagery as often as possible on roll-up banners, posters and backlit walls. People simply forge a deeper connection with the viewer, and that's important when we want to appeal to potential candidates.


This guidelines show how the visual identity of the Bayer employer brand is implemented in the world of career fairs and live events.


Backlit walls

The large backlit background wall is the first booth element visitors see - even before they enter the Bayer booth. That's why we offer a wide range of images in combination with various headlines. These files in the download area enable you to find a visual geared to your desired target group.

Backlit wall examples


Roll-up banners and posters

Nevertheless locations of trade fairs or other live events do not always offer a generous presentation area. Sometimes the conditions on site are simply limited. Roll-up banners and posters help to brand even the smallest event. We therefore offer you a wide range of posters and roll-up motifs that you can use according to your target group and adapted to the local conditions or also in combination with the backlit walls. 

Roll up banners Examples

Posters Examples


When planning a career fair or event, please also visit Exhibitions - Bayer Identity Net as the overall Bayer-guidelines for exhibitions also apply here.

Download Posters

Additional materials for live events

Table tent cards: 
Table tent cards can be used to place offers and information on the table and counter in a promotionally effective manner. Our print templates promote the Bayer Talent Community.  


Name badges

In direct customer contact at trade shows and other live events, use a name badge to signal your company affiliation and give the company a face. With our rewritable PDF templates, name badges in 54 x 90 mm format are easy to create.


Name badges example