Exhibitions provide our customers with a sensory live or online live (virtual) brand experience and communicate a holistic understanding of the benefits Bayer brings. Bringing content to people is also in post-COVID times a needs-oriented and thus relevant way to create a Bayer experience.


In the following section we offer you guidelines and materials to make Bayer tangible to different stakeholder groups, and to highlight the contribution Bayer makes to a better life. More information about overall guidelines you will find in Trade Fairs and Events.


Mobile Exhibitions

Mobile exhibitions can be part of a planned tour or be used temporarily (e. g. in combination with a special event). Either way, the Bayer brand is presented as a hands-on, holistic experience for employees and external visitors. As the elements are constructed in a modular way, you can adapt them easily to a local space and even to any kind of product presentation. If the content or building concept need to be adapted to suit your specific locational requirements, we can work together to find the best possible adaptation for your specific site. 

To support the countries in their work we have created a respective Corporate Booth design manual. This is the basis for creating and realizing corporate branding-compliant congress and stand-alone activities.

Permanent Exhibitions

A permanent exhibition is a brand experience installation in which the Bayer brand is presented in a dedicated space as a hands-on, holistic experience for colleagues and external visitors.


To get help in designing such a permanent exhibition, please contact us.


Below find some tools, that might inspire you for implementation in your foyer or alike. By clicking on the application names mentioned you will be guided to the respective chapter of IDnet to obtain more information.


Welcome Wall

Corporate Wall

Identity Shelf

Brand Screen


Social Media Applications

Selected Apps

Publications, Stories and Podcasts

Docuseries: Bayer Stories

Podcast: Headlines of the Future

Podcast: The Tomorrow Farm

Podcast: Säen & Hören (German only)

Best practice

See how other countries have incorporated these and other tools in their headquarters. Feel inspired and decide what might be suitable to implement at your site.
To get help in designing a permanent exhibition please contact us