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Bayer Brand model

One company, one brand, one mission


We’re on a mission to make health and nutrition accessible to all. We push boundaries, harnessing every skill, every resource, and every bit of our collective passion. We’re resiliently championing our mission, using it as a driving force to propel world-leading, essential innovation in health and nutrition. We’re committed, and until our mission – Health for all, Hunger for none – is accomplished, we won’t rest. 

A value-creating brand, driven by a bold mission

For over 160 years, the Bayer brand has stood as a beacon of competence, quality, and trust, it’s our most powerful intangible asset. As we evolve, we continue our journey towards becoming an even more dynamic, outward-oriented, and human-centric brand. We’re creating the best Bayer for our farmers, patients, consumers, investors, employees and other stakeholders. Dynamic Shared Ownership means we’re all owners and ambassadors of our brand and are empowered to be bolder, more creative, and inspiring in everything we say and do.

Bayer Cross

The Bayer Cross is more than just an iconic symbol. It carries the reputation of our company, fostering positive perceptions and driving value across all businesses, audiences and geographies. It’s an unmistakeable and outstanding asset that creates financial value across our company.


The blue side of the Bayer Cross represents science, performance, and reliability, while the green side symbolizes innovation, sustainability, and a focus on life.


Whenever or wherever our customers see the Cross, they know they’re getting the Bayer benefit. Innovative. Reliable. Trustworthy. Pushing towards a world where health and nutrition is open for all. 

Health for all, Hunger for none

Our mission – Health for all, Hunger for none – is far more than a tagline. It’s a bold declaration of our goal. This mission ties our brand directly to our business and our unique portfolio as a leading global brand in the fields of health and nutrition, while also aligning with our sustainability strategy. It underscores and reinforces our commitments, from all of us, to making a difference, one step at a time.

At 83%, our brand awareness stands strong in our industries.* And when customers know they’re looking at a Bayer product, there’s a 74% more positive evaluation.** 

* Global Brand Tracking 2023, LMU Munich and Dialego on behalf of Bayer;

** Bayer Brand Uplift Study, 2022 for CS and CH and 2023 for PH, LMU Munich and Dialego on behalf of Bayer

Bayer Brand Model

Bayer Brand Model

Our brand model is the strategic foundation of our brand. It defines and drives who we are and what we stand for: 

Encircling our iconic Bayer Cross are the three key strategic aspects of our brand.


‘Health for all, Hunger for none’ is our mission.
It’s the most important aspect of our brand capturing our aspiration and motivation for everything we do, providing health and nutrition to the world.


Our mission is underpinned by ‘World-leading innovation’ in the life sciences area. This expertise empowers us to deliver solutions for daily life.


‘Visionary, Passionate and Optimistic’ define our brand personality. They guide our execution of the brand and appearance and expression via visual, verbal, sonic and live experiences. 

Brand narrative

How it all comes together

At Bayer, we want to make lives better. We believe science is the key as we work towards the goal of our mission ‘Health for all, Hunger for none’.


We’ve brought essential products and solutions to millions of people around the globe. We’ve become a trusted brand that everyone, everywhere can rely on. Together, we’re helping people and our planet thrive.


Now, we need to ask ourselves: what can we do more? What if we could create a world where everyone can be healthy? Where no one goes hungry? Where good healthcare and proper, balanced nutrition are available to all? That’s our mission. It’s bold and the most fundamental agenda in the world.


To make it happen, we're putting all our skills to the test. We’ll continue unleashing the power of science to bring innovative and sustainable solutions in the sectors of health and nutrition to create a better future, where life can be lived to the fullest.


We won’t rest until it’s done.

Corporate Brand Film “Health for all, Hunger for none”
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