Choosing a Platform

Once you have identified the need to reach mobile devices it is important to identify which medium (app or mobile website), device (tablet or smartphone), and operating system (Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone) is the most suitable for achieving your communication aims.


Consider the following:

  • Can your requirements be met with a mobile website?

  • Can you serve a specialized market only with an app?

  • How do costs compare with the expected advantages?

  • Will you be able to keep the content up to date?

  • Will your budget allow for maintenance for the anticipated life time?



  • How do you imagine the app will be used?

  • How long will it be used for?

  • How do you intend to promote your app?


When it comes to building an app, you should take sufficient time to prepare. Users have high expectations regarding design, usability and functionality. Taking time at the beginning could be the difference between having the most valuable app on the market and just another redundant one.

Great apps usually concentrate on doing one thing—and doing it well. Before you start work on an app, look at those you personally use the most and ask yourself why you like them. Then ask yourself what is the one thing that you want your app to be great at?

Mobile websites, especially if packaged as hybrid apps, can often offer an excellent combination of good design, usability, universal deployment and rapid development time.