The Gradient

The Gradient allows for freedom of expression for Lighthouse Brands and instantly brings stronger Bayer equity to our House Brands and future tailored solutions.

the gradient


  • The Gradient may comprise one or two colors based on brand category.
  • The Code Gradient utilizes the same colors when used with the Background Gradient.
  • Positioned behind code elements, the Background Gradient serves as a versatile backdrop for single or multiple brand and product logos.
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code gradient


Code Gradient

Matching the height of the Anchor, the Background Gradient is positioned with a distance equal to 90% of the width of one Code Element to the left of the Anchor. Like the Code Gradient, it may consist of one or two colors, always mirroring those of the Code Gradient

gradient bg


Background Gradient

The height of the Background Gradient is equal to the height of the Anchor. The Background Gradient is placed with the distance of 90% width of one Code Element of the left of the Anchor. Background Gradient can consist of one or two colors, which are always identical to the colors of the Code Gradient.


When accommodating up to four brand and product logos, the Background Gradient extends beyond the logos, creating a dynamic pull towards the Bayer logo and enhancing legibility.  » Logo Placement 

gradient color setting


Gradient Color settings

The length and intensity of both the Background and Code Gradient should be adjusted according to application requirements. The intensity of the Background Gradient, for instance, depends on the number of logos being placed.   


The recommendation is to utilize the Code Design templates, which are available with all Anchor versions and offer options for both 1-Color and 2-Color Gradients. 

example 1 and 2


1-Color and 2-Color Gradients

The Gradient can feature either one or two colors, with colors for the Code and Background Gradient always matching. The 2-Color Gradient option is exclusively available for Lighthouse Brands and the System Brand.