Related Regulations

The Bayer Webguide - Digital Guide contains the most essential rules for working on websites, social media and mobile apps. The Webguide - Digital Guide is part of, and makes reference to, a group of Bayer management policies which provide the framework for online communication at Bayer.


This is an overview of the most relevant documents (only available on the Bayer intranet):


General Policies

Internal and External Communication

Media Contacts and Publicity

Data Privacy Compliance

IT Security

Business and Private Use of Electronic Communication Systems

Additional specific regulations for Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Animal Health

Product-Related Communication Compliance

Product Safety and Quality: Reporting Obligations of Employees


Development & Hosting

IT Security for Bayer-managed IT

IT Security for IT Outsourcing and Cloud Computing



Domain Management


Social Media

Social Media at Bayer

Guideline on handling extraordinary events in social media at Bayer Animal Health

Handling of reports from Social Media in Bayer Animal Health


Mobile Apps

Specific regulations for mobile apps