Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & Monitoring

Measuring every interaction with the website and optimizing for a great user experience is one of the key benefits of digital marketing in general. In Crop Science, we use a global KPI framework for measuring success. This sets the baseline and can be extended – but not replaced – according to local needs.




Implementing on page and component level

As a prerequisite for any KPI measurement, website tracking needs to be implemented within the website. The implementation needs to follow the structure of the website and make sure that every user action on the website is classified in the right way. It is important that this is done during the implementation because it can be very time-consuming or even impossible to use the data for continuous improvement otherwise.


Following the structure of our Customer Website approach, digital analytics has to be implemented on two levels:


  • On a page level, it needs to be defined what type of page this is (e.g. newsletter sign-up confirmation or must-win battle product). This is one of the main classification criteria for data analysis and optimization. See page examples for an overview. 
  • On a component level, the purpose of the individual component needs to be defined. As many components have multiple purposes, the definition of the purpose is important to make sure that the usage is correctly shown in the statistics. For example, a video component can be used for promoting a product (which would contribute to the goal “awareness”) or to explain a newsletter service (which would contribute to the goal “conversion”). See page components for an overview.


Digital tools: built-in functionality

At Crop Science we use two analytical tools: Google Analytics (for websites and mobile apps) and BrightEdge (for search engine visibility and SEO).


A more general introduction to digital analytics can be found on SkillCamp Online.



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