E-Cards Around Special Occasions

E-Cards Greetings and Congratulations

Send your best birthday and wedding wishes as well as thank-you cards. We tried to cover as much occasions as possible. If you feel that there is a message missing that you may need, please let us know – we want the e-cards to serve the needs of the Bayer community better. Here you can find our selectins on greeting e-cards for special occasions.


Our Bayer branded e-cards are available for our employees. The range is bigger than ever, with many categories and visuals to suit any occasion. Whether you want to contact a friend, colleague, customer, or supplier, you will hopefully find something suitable for you.


Please feel also invited to make proposals if you miss a category, event, or celebration day. Just write an e-mail to identitynet@bayer.com.


You can send e-cards to as many as 50 people at a time, free of charge. To get started, just browse the selection below, and choose your preferred card design. Within a few clicks, you’ll be sending greetings all over the world.


Around Special Occasions