Mobile communication technologies enable Bayer to broaden our portfolio and improve our relationship with users. These capabilities allow us to offer unique services that are available anytime and anywhere. This guide covers all mobile apps developed on behalf of Bayer.


Before development, please consider the following:

  • Your communications and/or marketing objective.

  • The features you intend to provide.

  • The target audience for your website or app.

  • The value of the mobile website and/or application to that audience.

  • That content and services proposed are suitable for mobile delivery and use.

  • That sufficient resources are available to provide technical support and keep content up-to-date.


To ensure all apps conform to these principles, you must obtain approval from the department responsible for online communication before you start any development. Before seeking approval you should be able to answer the following:

  • Do you need access to specific features of the device such as the camera or address book?

  • Will your app improve the relationship with that audience?

  • Will the app increase sales and or manage audience relations?

  • Does the app offer genuine value to the user?

  • How will you measure success?


It’s legitimate to consider developing an app to keep pace with competitors who have already done so. However,  this should be accompanied by a clear analysis of the expected benefits.


The following guidelines specify how to plan, design, develop and distribute Bayer apps for mobile devices. The aim is to ensure consistent and high-quality expressions of the Bayer brand across all devices.


Please also follow the specific guidelines of your subgroup, service company or national company. Your app will also need to comply with any relevant laws.