Mobile Learning

There's more to effective learning than sitting at a desk and completing your web-based training on a learning management system or in a classroom.


At Bayer, we promote the development of well-designed e-learning events focused on our business objectives by harnessing a strategic blend of approaches. Trends in the learning and development industry clearly show that mobile learning is something that should be at the fore of any e-learning design approach. This makes it possible for our staff to access their learning as and when they need it.


For Bayer, mobile learning is more than translating the same e-learning content from one device to another. Rather, it’s a deeper process of designing and shaping content to harness the unique strengths of each device. Fueling the increasing appreciation of informal and bite-sized learning, mobile learning also helps to bridge the gap between formal and informal learning that currently exists within organizations like Bayer.


With all of this in mind, Bayer is currently working on defining a new mobile learning strategy that will improve how we deliver learning in the future. Our aim is to produce a framework that supports flexible learning anytime and anywhere. Information pertaining to this framework will be made available in future versions of this Digital Guide for e-learning.


The rollout of the SuccessFactors LMS will support mobile learning on the SuccessFactors mobile Learning app in the near future (although not for external users). Further information regarding the mobile app can be found in the guide: LMS Mobile App Knowledge Support and Tips.