Vehicle Markings

Company vehicles are an important advertising medium as numerous people from different target groups see them when they are out and about. That is why all our vehicle markings must convey a distinctive, uniform message.


General rules for vehicle markings

Vehicles must be marked with the Bayer Cross, which is to be attached to the left- and right-hand sides and the rear of a vehicle.The web address and the graphic device must also be placed on the vehicle. Both must be clearly visible. You can find the rules for this under » Graphic device. Please make sure that only one color per vehicle is used for the graphic device. You can find the color palette under » Color.

As various makes of cars, minivans and trucks are in use, there are no precise specifications for the positioning of markings. Just ensure enough space is left around the markings.


A vehicle may only be marked with a product brand if the latter fulfills the following requirements:

  • High degree of recognition in broadly based target groups

  • Brand extension through vehicle advertising (e.g. Aspirin)  

  • Market launch via a broadly based advertising campaign 



Marking minibuses

All general design rules apply (see above). In addition, the white Bayer Cross must be placed on the left- and right-hand side windows as well as on the rear window of fully glazed minibuses.



Marking vans

All general design rules apply (see above). Please use the full-color Bayer Cross on vans without windows.



Marking trucks and truck trailers

All general design rules apply (see above). Please use the full-color Bayer Cross. Digitally printed or serigraphed plastic films are used for marking tarps, following the same rules described above. The basic color of the tarp is either white or dark blue.



Marking e-vehicles

We are attaching increasing importance to sustainability and environmental protection. That is why our e-mobility fleet is continuing to grow. All general design rules apply (see above).