Graphic device

Laughing woman of color and text "Forward thinking"

Standing for progress and forward thinking, our dynamic angle is the basis of our graphic device. The angle can appear in how we crop photography, the angle of our italic text, graphic textures and page graphics.



Dynamic angle: A 12° angle represents a possible starting point for keylines, block colors, etc.

  • The dynamic angle concept originates from our brand typeface Helvetica. The italic versions of the font are constructed to tilt 12° towards the right. This angle creates a dynamic and progressive look and feel. 

  • The 12° angle represents a starting point. Other angles can be applied to suit the various applications, sizes and formats.

Expressions of the graphic device



Dynamic textures

The dynamic angle concept is expressed in three main ways:

  • Dynamic textures 

  • Dynamic image crops 

  • Dynamic page graphics (panels and keylines)



Dynamic image crop

The dynamic angle device should be used throughout our communications. Care should be taken to avoid distracting effects. In most instances, one, two or three angles create pleasing designs. More than three angles should be avoided.



Dynamic page graphics

  • All designs use a dynamic angle. 
  • In most instances the starting point for the dynamic angle is set at 12°. 
  • Other angles that can be used range between 12° and 80°. 



Dynamic angle range



Multiple angles can be used, appropriate to the format of the application. Do not overcrowd the design with dynamic angles.



Dynamic angles may cross over eachother, provided they stay within the range of 12º to 80º.



Dynamic angles may define the border between a block of colour or an image and the rest of the space.



The same applies for a block of colour or an image with two exposed edges, the dynamic angles may define the border.



Dynamic angles may also cross over two areas of imagery or colour. The angles of both lines should be different enough to eachother to provide a clear distinction, and not look like an accident.

The above schematic shows examples of how these angles can be combined.

  • The aim is to create dynamic and forward facing layouts and designs. 
  • The layout should show a clear direction, without too much distraction.


The graphic device in use


The graphic device is a flexible element and should therefore be applied with care and consideration. The examples on this page show how the dynamic angle device can be applied to layouts and designs. These represent starting points and should be seen as inspiration. It is important that the dynamic angle continues to change and evolve. Avoid repeating the exact same treatments, angles, and crops.


How it looks in practice: print



How it looks in practice: digital

What to avoid

The following examples show treatments that should be avoided.



Single and multiple angles should never point downwards; this feels negative.





Multiple angles should also not point down.



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