Our Vision

Digital has been a game changer, fundamentally changing the world and how we interact with one another. Consumers are adopting digital at an increasing rate in all aspects of their lives. Our always-on, digitally connected world mandates that organizations be responsive to meet these new patterns and behaviors.



Digital has also transformed how growers run their operations – for example, they can do a lot more research online without needing to rely on retailers or advisors, as well as being able to leverage data availability on theirs farms to better run their operations. They can also tap into the power of networks for knowledge and insights,


In the digital landscape, websites play a key role in our customer experience. The market has shown consistently for years that websites are the primary digital source of information for our customers. They are also one of the most used sources of information among all our customer touchpoints especially for small- and mid-sized growers in many countries.


Websites: the digital bridge to our customers

For Digital Marketing at Crop Science, websites can be seen as hubs, lifting the customer experience and supporting our business growth. Our vision at Crop Science is bringing websites to web experiences, boosting our customers’ perception to the highest level. That’s why we call them “Customer Websites” – the digital bridge to our customer – serving the customers’ needs across individual brands.


Our common aspiration is to become capable of holistically designing, delivering, managing and measuring tailored customer awareness, engagements, advocacy and conversions across channels.



To create a great customer experience on the web, it shouldn’t be necessary to always start from scratch. For reasons of efficiency, brand consistency, compliance and security we need a common framework to be successful in digital marketing. At the same time, different markets and different customers require different approaches and different content. Our framework therefore balances the benefits of standardization with the need for customization on a local level.


Our ultimate success heavily relies on both standardization of key processes as well as flexible data-driven transparency and continuous improvement of our digital marketing initiatives on a local level. Our Customer Websites will help us with this two-way communications to share best practices, resources and local success stories. Regular updates of our standards & frameworks will provide clear guidance for digital marketers around the world that is in line with Crop Science’s commitment to trust, customer centricity, compliance, safety and security.


For more information on our digital marketing strategy see SkillCamp Online.



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