Special Packaging



General rules

Types of special packages

  • 2-panel bag

  • Bulk pack


Different sizes of special packages

A basic version for a 2-panel bag and a bulk pack is available as a template for the various kinds of packages. If different sizes are required, they can be produced using the same template and design.


Technical specifications

For new labels the technical specification forms the basis on which the label design is adapted. If further information is needed to get started, send a mail to the global Pack Team: artwork-and-specification-management@bayer.com


Standard 4c economical label versions

Wherever possible, the standard 4c label version should be used. In exceptional cases, the versions for larger quantities of text may be used. Basic packaging design elements chapter: Side and Back Panels

In exceptional circumstances, the economical 1c label version may also be used for cost or technical reasons. Basic packaging design elements chapter: Economical 1c Side and Back Panels


How to use the Bayer Logotype

The Bayer Logotype should always be placed on the back site of packaging.

Where foreign character versions of the Bayer logotype are used, e.g. in China, these versions must also be included. If you have any specific questions, please contact the relevant legal department in your business unit. Exceptions may apply in cases where multinational product packaging is used.

This rule applies for Crop Science product Level 1, 2, 3 brands. In addition, please note that local and national legal requirements for packaging are mandatory.

The Bayer Logotype must always be placed on the back of the 2-panel bag. Basic packaging design elements chapter: Bayer Logotype … on back panels

If you have any questions, please contact your expert:
Frank Breuer
+49 2173 383523
NEW GHS hazard pictograms

2-panel bag

Standard 4c version (printed case on the bag)




Alternative design of back panel

As a rule, the basic design is used for all kinds of 2-panel bags. In exceptional cases, where there is a large amount of text, the product brand area (on the back panel) can be halved in height. In other exceptional circumstances, it is possible to have no product brand area. 

Basic packaging design elements chapter: Basic side and back panels (1c, 4c)

2-panel bag (standard) template

Bulk pack

Standard 4c version




Examples – special packaging





Bulk pack (standard) template