Bayer Identity Net (ID Net)

The Bayer ID Net is a management tool for optimizing brand value. Its objectives go far beyond the contents of a conventional corporate design manual. All brand management elements and information on corporate identity and design are detailed here in a centralized network for convenient local access.


What the Bayer ID Net aims to do

The portal helps to implement a globally consistent and in-depth understanding of the Bayer brand, the Bayer branding strategy and the corporate design rules. This will enable all employees to become ambassadors of the Bayer brand. Please note that all rules in the Bayer Identity Net are mandatory; see Directive 2075, Chapter 4 (link for internal use only). And in detail, this means that the Bayer Identity Net:


  • Provides all the information required for communicating a consistent brand appearance to clients, partners and consumers, as well as Bayer employees 

  • Brings the Bayer corporate branding strategy to life for employees and, where necessary, helps to improve implentation through the establishment of rules and recommendations 

  • Provides a user-driven service for employees who work directly or indirectly in the design field and their external service providers 

  • Provides effective solutions for a wide variety of design issues – quickly, in line with corporate design (CD) rules, and to a high quality standard 

  • Offers straightforward practical assistance to non-experts who have no background in design and are unfamiliar with complex CD manuals 

  • Enables non-experts to find easily understandable and practical instructions for solving specific design problems with just a few clicks and no long searches 

  • Is the main communication and working platform for the entire Bayer brand community and will be continuously updated – as highlighted in the ID Net newsletter




Who the target groups are

This broadly based platform addresses all relevant managers and employees – and particularly those employees directly or indirectly involved in design work. This includes:


  • Marketing and communication professionals and their advertising and graphic design agencies, printers, etc. 

  • Non-experts, such as office assistants who depend on correct and user-friendly templates 

  • Employees who are looking for practical assistance on a specific issue, are familiar with standard web searches but are not used to working with CD manuals 

  • Employees who are interested in Bayer communications, want to increase their knowledge levels, and exchange ideas and information


The Bayer ID Net – at your service

The Bayer ID Net helps to improve user awareness and understanding of the Bayer brand rules. This, in turn, helps to solve any problems that may occur by:


  • Explaining why things must be done in a particular way 

  • Clarifying which solutions are best and which ones are strictly forbidden 

  • Providing references and sample solutions that illustrate how to carry out a few corrections to achieve an acceptable design 

  • Inspiring and educating through best practice examples



If you have any further questions about this or any other section of Bayer Identity Net, please contact: