Aligning Paid Efforts

Elevating and driving a consistent Bayer narrative through coordinated paid efforts

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A paid content strategy with coordinated, complementary messaging themes working together is exponentially stronger than even the most successful brand story in isolation. 


When building a paid promotion plan, it’s imperative to collaborate and drive a cohesive narrative while remaining aligned with established channel strategies. Plans should avoid conflicting paid efforts and wasted resources. Coordinate on targeting and timing to avoid over- or under-serving our audiences. Finally, align on community engagement efforts and resourcing from the start. 


Initial Criteria Consideration for Paid Media Promotion

  1. Content should align with the Global Content Framework and appear in the Editorial Snapshot, covering one or more of the key priority topics as well as the defined proof points and should support a single, strategic narrative.
  2. Focus of the content clearly supports Bayer’s communication goals of increasing favorability and license to operate — building the story of Bayer’s sustainability efforts, technology and innovation, science and expertise, and/or Bayer’s values. 
  3. Similar content (either by topics and/or post type) has performed well in the past. 
  4. Content is either global in nature or connects to channel demographics, as informed by analytics, social listening, and market research.
  5. Bayer's role in innovation and/or sustainability in the content piece should be clear and provide a distinct point of view that can be fully owned by Bayer and/or linked to the Bayer business and our commitments. 
  6. Content is well-optimized for engagement.


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