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Graphical User Interface Design 

A graphical user interface (GUI) might be applied to Bayer in Radiology device hardware (e.g. injector systems), as well as in non-hardware applications and services such as desktop applications, mobile websites and mobile applications. 


The GUI is typically the primary means of interaction between users and Bayer Radiology products and services. A consistent and recognizable user experience across the Bayer in Radiology portfolio will reinforce Bayer’s key values and messages.


Bayer Cross, Care, Confidence, Trust, Efficiency, innovation, Approachability
Core Bayer in Radiology values and messages.


The following sections contain Radiology design guidance for a:

  • Hardware Device GUI where the GUI is integrated into or directly associated with a Bayer in Radiology hardware device to allow users to control the device (e.g. Medrad Centargo CT Injector System GUI)

  • Software GUI where the GUI is stand-alone and accessible on a non-Bayer device such as an external display or tablet and presented in the form of a website or specialized software application (e.g. Workflow Solutions// Insights GUI).


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