Social Media at Bayer

At Bayer we embrace social media. Social media communications give us the chance to establish closer ties with our stakeholders, interact with our consumers and learn more about our target audiences. Our channels offer tangible experiences and relevant content for our target audiences. Through an active participation we can even shape how Bayer is perceived outside the digital world. And we believe our employees have to gain by engaging in social media, too. 


Explore the Social Media Digital Guide

This guide is your key to social media at Bayer. It establishes a company-wide standard for all communication on social media. If you need help with setting up a channel, community management or if you are just looking for resources and inspiration, you have come to the right place.

Get Active in Social Media

This guide contains lots of new extras, resources and information to facilitate your work in and around your social networks. We invite all Bayer staff and partner agencies to join our social media activities.


All business units at Bayer may extend or restrict the scope of its social media operations through additional guidelines tailored specifically to them. Learn more about setting up a social media channel.

Find Your Contact

If you have general questions concerning the use of social media at Bayer, please contact For specific inquiries you can find an overview of all other contact persons involved in the social media or regulatory activities at Bayer.