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Channel Approval & Setup

When setting up and maintaining a new channel, you should be familiar with the following rules, guidelines and best practices. Please make sure to get the necessary internal approvals for your channel before you publish it. The individual guidelines for approval vary depending on country and division. To help Bayer keep an overview over its social media operations and become active where necessary, all channels must be registered in the MIRA database.


Prerequisites for Your New Channel

Are you planning on setting up a new channel? Before you begin, please check MIRA to see if there are any existing Bayer channels in your country similar to the one you are planning. MIRA also helps you identify contact persons that manage related channels or with similar topics. Please be aware that the most efficient way to distribute your content may be by using an existing channel.


If there is still a need to establish a new channel, follow the guidelines below. You’ll need to satisfy each of the following three criteria across each sphere of influence:

  1. Local: Get the internal approval for your channel, including legal approval 

  2. Central: Register your channel in the MIRA database before launching. To do so, please ask for a MIRA social asset account via mail:
    Latin America:
    North America:

  3. Global: Immediately after registering a global channel in MIRA, the global social media expert will receive an email to review and approve your request, or follow up with questions.


Local — Internal Approval of Your Channel

If you wish to set up a new marketing channel, please contact your local and global marketing colleagues. If you wish to set up a corporate communications channel, please get in touch with your local social media / digital communications department. Take care of the necessary LMR approvals, if required. Once you have received all approvals, you may continue to set up your channel and follow the central registration process in MIRA.


Global — Register Your Channel

A vital first step, colleagues who wish to open a new social channel must contact prior to registering global accounts. All new channels must be registered, approved and documented centrally at least two weeks before they go live. Once you have received the internal approval for your channel, you can complete the central registration process by entering all details into MIRA — Bayer’s central social media registry. To register a new or existing social media activity — and be granted access to the entry form for social media assets — please write an email to:



Characteristics for Channels in Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health

Quality standards ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in the healthcare sector to ensure safe and effective social media use. If your social media channel belongs to the Pharmaceuticals or Consumer Health divisions, you should be aware of the specifics that apply to the registration process for these divisions (i.e., agreeing with the checklist). The process is illustrated in the graphic below and is described in detail in the MARGO 0597.






Legal Requirements for Social Media Channels


When setting up a new social media channel, you must comply with all legal requirements, including:

  • Satisfying Bayer’s security and data protection protocols 

  • Naming your channel according to Bayer guidelines 

  • Complying with the provider’s terms of use 

  • Integrating a comments policy to effectively handle inappropriate user reactions

  • Providing an imprint for every social media channel 

  • Providing a link to report adverse events


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Channel Registration 

All new channels must be registered, approved and documented centrally. Please contact your local marketing or (digital) communications team before setting up any new social media channels. After the internal approval, please complete the following channel registration form carefully, either as a printed document or filled in directly in our digital social media registry, MIRA.


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