Bayer Instagram Strategy


Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform. In addition to the standard news feed, Instagram also supports Stories, which allow users to post one or more photos and video clips in a series, and Live, which offers real-time broadcasting. Anyone can view these for 24 hours, after which they expire, unless saved in highlights.

  • Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, with half using the platform daily
  • 71% of its users are under 35 
  • 52% female, 42% male
  • Use a tone of voice that is friendly, inspiring and sparks curiosity


Since 2016, Instagram has abandoned reverse-chronological order in the feed and implemented a complicated algorithm that prioritizes content based on an individuals' interests, schedule and relationships with various brands and people.


While our platform strategy is tailored to accommodate the algorithm, the majority of our organic content will not be prioritized to our desired audiences automatically. A paid strategy is necessary to ensure our content is seen by the right audience and their networks. 


Instagram is a visual content platform focused primarily on mobile use and simple engagements. It is ideal for visual storytelling that both informs and inspires. 


Our approach is to bring innovation, science and the people behind this work to life through visual storytelling that sparks conversations with our community.


Target Platform Audiences


All Instagram page content should focus on key reputational topics. These audiences include individuals with an interest in Bayer or any business partners within Bayer. 


While the global page takes an overarching approach, country pages should specifically focus on key reputational topics relevant to audiences who are part of their regional communities. 




Consumers, general society, employees, patients, carers.

Takeaway: Bayer understands the challenges we face and genuinely cares about finding solutions based in science. They inspire me to think more about why solving these problems are important.



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