Bayer Facebook Strategy


This channel is great for storytelling through content with a tone of voice that is friendly, inviting and light.

  • It connects people for personal and community purposes in a casual environment
  • 32% of users are between 25-34 
  • Facebook has the largest blend of demographics of any social channel
  • 75% of users spend 20 minutes on the channel every day


Facebook was created specifically to connect with people you know in real life. More than anything else, Facebook values authentic connections. As part of this value, all content is curated to individuals via an algorithm based on interest AND connections in order to create a thriving virtual community. 


While our platform strategy is tailored to accommodate the algorithm, the majority of our organic content will not be prioritized to our desired audiences automatically. A paid strategy is necessary to ensure our content is seen by the right audience and their networks. 


Facebook is a key platform for community building. This is the place where our personality shines and helps our audience understand more about who we are and what we do, thereby humanizing our brand. 


Our approach is to initiate and engage in conversations with our community to bring users deeper into the user journey through relatable storytelling. We accomplish this best by sharing engaging content that welcomes our audience to be a part of the conversation.


Target Platform Users by Intent


All Facebook page content should target one or more of these audiences. These audiences include individuals with interest in Bayer or any business division within Bayer. 


While the global page takes an overarching approach, country pages should specifically talk to audiences who are part of their regional communities. 




Consumers, general society, employees, patients, carers.

Takeaway: Bayer understands the challenges we face and genuinely cares about finding solutions based in science. I trust that Bayer is a good resource for me.



Industry Professional and Partners

Current employees, healthcare professionals, health retailers, farmers and researchers, scientists and academics. 

Takeaway: The innovative work happening at Bayer is shaping the future of health and nutrition, helping to overcome global challenges to feed and heal a growing world. I want to be associated with Bayer.


Depending on the objective of a specific campaign or content, the audience will fall between the spectrum of our established audiences. Paid targeting will allow direct communication with more specific audiences within the spectrum, even if they do not already follow us.

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