Bayer YouTube Strategy


YouTube is the world‘s second largest search engine after Google, with one billion people engaging across 88 countries and 76 different languages.

  • More than 400 hours of video are uploaded to the site per minute.
  • YouTube uses an algorithm that determines the ranking of search results. ​That‘s why search engine optimization is crucial for YouTube videos.
  • YouTube has established itself as a community platform for special-interest ​videos and reaches. significantly more people than TV
  • 63% of digital users go to YouTube first to watch videos online.


One Bayer Approach to YouTube


Because of its vast global reach, YouTube is a powerful tool to amplify Bayer’s voice to the world. More than just a repository for visual storytelling assets, YouTube is where we will use storytelling to visually explain topics and humanize our experts


This content will focus on how Bayer’s overall mission ​is in service to people all over the world.


Target Platform Audiences


All YouTube page content should target one or more of these audiences.  




Includes consumers, general society, employees, patients, carers

Takeaway: Bayer understands the challenges we face and genuinely cares about finding solutions ​based in science. I trust that Bayer is a good resource for me



Industry Professionals

Includes current employees, healthcare professionals, health retailers, farmers and researchers, scientists and academics. 

Takeaway: Bayer’s commitment to corporate values and "Health for All, Hunger for None" aligns with my values as a professional and/or my needs as a B2B customer of Bayer.




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