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X is a public forum where anyone can read and share tweets that are up to 280 characters long. Members can broadcast tweets and follow other users to receive their tweets. X focuses on timely news/events.

  • Channel has 321 million users
  • 69% male, 31% female
  • Audience is educated, higher income 
  • Users' age is split — 21% are 25-34; 21% are 55-64
  • Average time spent on X: 3.39 minutes per session
  • Encourages brevity and an informative tone

Algorithm / Paid / Approach Set Up


Like other platforms, X uses an algorithm to prioritize content based on personal interest. There are nonetheless opportunities for users to toggle between different views that can override the algorithm in favor of specific topics or chronological posting, but most content is delivered via algorithm. 


While our platform strategy is tailored to accommodate the algorithm, most of our organic content will not be prioritized to our desired audiences automatically. A paid strategy is therefore necessary to ensure our content is seen by the right audience and their networks. See the paid strategy section to read more. 


The most important factors of the algorithm include immediacy, relevance, engagement and type of media.


One Bayer Approach to X


X is ideal for in-the-moment information and timely updates. This is where Bayer can share relevant news, join existing conversations about trending topics and engage in open discussions with the public. 


Our approach is to voice a point of view as we share and engage, standing behind our work and values. 


Target Platform Audiences



Investor and Media: These are institutional investors and media interested in Bayer corporate as well as division.

Takeaway: Bayer is a global leader in health and nutrition, setting the example for other entities and partnering with other leaders to see our vision of “Health for All, Hunger for None.”


Society: These are consumers, general society, employees, patients, carers.

Takeaway: Bayer understands the challenges we face and genuinely cares about finding solutions based in science. I trust that Bayer is a good resource for me



Industry Professionals: This includes current employees, healthcare professionals, health retailers, farmers and researchers, scientists and academics. 

Takeaway: Bayer’s commitment to corporate values and “Health for All, Hunger for None” aligns with my values as a professional and/or my needs as a B2B customer of Bayer.



Meeting Audience Intents Across Bayer X Pages



Investors and Media

"I'm looking for news and information to help me do my job."​


"I use social to stay connected with people and brands that interest me."​


"I want to stay up-to-date on the latest news and thought-leadership related to
my industry ​and work community."​

@BayerPharma  Updates that directly impact healthcare professionalsUpdates that directly
impact science and business professionals
@Bayer4Crops  Updates that directly impact agriculture professionals 
@BayerUpdates that directly impact investors or
the media
Updates that directly impact consumers  


Using Our Channel Network to Maximize Impact

Aligning to the intents of our target audiences on X, this chart provides a governance guide to help determine which Bayer page should first post global Bayer news for the community, and which page(s) should cross-promote the breaking news. Examples are included to illustrate content scenarios relevant for each audience group.



 Society, Investors and MediaAg Industry Stakeholders OnlyHealth Industry Stakeholders Only
ExampleBayer purchased an ag tech company for €1BBayer received an industry award for advancements in crop protection technologyBayer is partnering with a small bio-tech company to trial a novel approach to gene therapy administration
@BayerBreaking(if applicable)
QT +/or Company Impact Perspective
(if applicable)
QT +/or Company Impact Perspective
@BayerPharma(if applicable)
QT +/or Industry Perspective
@Bayer4Crops(if applicable)
QT +/or Industry Perspective
Bayer Leader Account(if applicable)
QT +/or Personal Perspective
(if applicable)
QT +/or Personal Perspective
(if applicable)
QT +/or Personal Perspective
Bayer Country(if applicable)
QT +/or Local Impact
(if applicable)
QT +/or Local Impact
(if applicable)
QT +/or Local Impact



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