Creative Interpretation of the Bayer Cross

The Bayer Cross is THE symbol of Bayer. And it’s central to all the ways we interact and communicate visually with colleagues, customers, partners, and society.
When dealing with the Bayer Cross in terms of design, we aim to achieve a compromise between consistency and creativity – protecting the brand’s value while allowing some room for a more creative approach in the right circumstances, e.g. in art installations or other creative projects. 

10 questions to serve as a guideline and orientation 

Are you or your colleagues planning a specific interpretation of the Bayer Cross? The following checklist will help you decide whether your implementation will be possible and appropriate. If you are using the brand correctly, you should be able to answer each of the following questions with a "Yes!":

  1. Guarantee Recognizability/Readability:
    Are the parts of the Bayer Cross, the circle and the double Bayer lettering clearly recognizable or readable; is the Bayer Cross as a whole recognizable?
  2. Maintain Relations/Positions:
    Are the relations and proportions of the Bayer Cross maintained, in particular the relationship between the lettering and the circle? Are they ‘in the right place’?
  3. Maintain Shape/Outline:
    Is the geometric shape of the circle/the pure circular shape maintained (e.g., no ellipse)?
  4. Use Correct Font:
    Does the double Bayer lettering appear in the correct typography?
  5. Event-related/temporary:
    Is the implementation only in relation to a specific/significant, Bayer-related or historical occasion and/or within the scope of a defined limited period of time?
  6. No Official Formats:
    Is the implementation NOT appearing in official Bayer AG communication media for which there are firmly defined guidelines (e.g., printed brochures, website)? Note: there are limited exceptions to this, such as the Pride logo
  7. Positive Message:
    Is the implementation intended as a tribute or an appreciative interpretation of the Bayer brand, without any derogatory meaning for Bayer or third parties?
  8. Compliant with Values:
    Is the implementation in line with/not in conflict with Bayer's corporate strategy and the values of the Bayer or the LIFE values? Two examples:
    a)    Does the implementation avoid supporting political parties / organizations, religions or religious groups?
    b)    In the case of a three-dimensional rendering of the Bayer Cross (as an object) takes place: Are the materials used sustainable, recyclable or otherwise non-environmentally harmful?
  9. Bayer Cross filled by Images/Motion Picture (Photography/Film):
    Is the Bayer Cross used together with visual material/directly associated with it in terms of design? If so, are the rules of brand identity also followed? Particular attention must be paid here to readability and recognizability. The following applies in principle: No (moving) images inside the logo.
  10. Bayer Cross in Art:
    When dealing with the Bayer Cross in a (more) artistic manner, a more flexible approach to the above issues may also be possible in individual cases (artistic license / freedom).

For further information, you can take a look at the following document: Integrity & Responsibility in Communications and Marketing (for Bayer users only). 

And should anything still be unclear after answering the questions above, or if you are generally in doubt: Always feel free to contact the Corporate Brand Management team at





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