Digital Applications

Digital applications are designed to enrich or prolong experience with the Bayer brand. Whether explored independently or as a group experience - with the right application concept, digital tools can serve the entire range of interaction (Individual exploration, one-on-one with experts or guided tours in visitor groups)


No matter with which format they captivate the participants, digital applications have the potential to engage consumers and to convert them from passive audiences to active participants.


Below find some examples of digital applications at Bayer that might inspire you for localized concepts.

Brand Screen

The Bayer Brand Screen is a digital tool you can easily adopt for your brand space. Find more information on the tool in the Ambient Branding section here. Please also visit our Ambient Branding section for inspiration about our interior design elements and their possible use.




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Animated Bayer Logo

Animating logos is a relatively new trend. These animations are easy to remember, attract a lot of attention, increase recognition and, if used effectively, can build a strong emotional bond.


The possible uses at internal and external events are extremely diverse: Animated logos can be used in presentations, on websites, in mobile apps, in video clips and in other media with dynamic content.


The design is catchy, dynamic and optimistic and very well visualizes the brand identity and the range of services of Bayer. Please use the animated version of the Bayer logo wherever you feel it is appropriate. The animation is available as 6-, 10- and 20-seconds versions.


Social Wall   

How is Bayer using the most contemporary of media channels in its communication activities? Follow our social media story on this Social Wall or create your own. You can have a preview here.




How can I use it?

  • The Social Wall can be installed as a stand-alone application on touchscreens or normal monitors, but cannot be combined with the other tools detailed here.

Identity Shelf

The Identity Shelf highlights some of the most important milestones in the history of Bayer. Visitors can select different exhibits on the shelf and read the story about the selected brands and objects on a digital touchscreen. Get a glimpse of this fascinating digital tool here.



Virtual Reality

In a virtual reality lounge visitors can watch four different 360° movies. Two of them tell stories of Bayer customers, who live in Kansas and Florida. By sharing their story they tell us what we are striving for – advancing health and nutrition for everyone. The other two are animated videos that invite you to dive into the world of bees or plants.

Branded swivel chairs allow the visitors to sit down while enjoying the movies. The chairs are equipped with an integrated surround sound system, a connective socket, and a holder for the virtual reality device. 



Welcome Wall

The Welcome Wall presents visitors with five constantly updated figures on the global population, the number of over-60s and people with high blood pressure worldwide, the amount of farmland per person, and the number of people suffering from insufficient nutrition.



Download Animated Bayer Logo

Corporate Wall

The Corporate Wall shall introduce our company to the visitors at a glance. This can be key values or key numbers etc. – crisp content. When designed accordingly the Corporate Wall contains the option to make it an attractive place for selfies, to make others spread the content, too.


Get inspired – how our digital tools can be used

Many countries have already adapted some of the digital tools and installed them in entrance areas and showrooms. If you have any best practice to share, please let us know!