Trade Fairs and Events

Bayer’s brand idea and brand foundation can provide a particularly intense experience at trade fairs and events where the public’s interest levels are normally high. The evolution of our corporate philosophy and the brand beliefs that distinguish our company and its performance from that of our competitors can be very effectively conveyed at such shows. To create and ensure a uniform Bayer brand profile at trade fairs, consistent compliance with the relevant rules is particularly important at such events.


Trade Fairs

Basic design principles

Our philosophy for booths is based on our determination to strengthen Bayer’s most important value drivers. All rules specified in the Visual Identity section must be followed. Please read them first and then read through these additional rules for booth design.

Since Bayer is the organizer or primary sender at all trade fairs or events, the single Bayer Cross must be used in booth design. The Bayer Cross and the purpose „Science for a better life“ should never be used as a lock-up nor in product communications.


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Bayer trade fair philosophy

Bayer strengthens the company’s most important value drivers by means of a clear focus on the corporate brand and – wherever possible – by using the value-adding combination of product brands and the corporate brand. For this reason, the Bayer brand is presented at trade fairs in a two-level approach. The positioning of the corporate brand and product brand topic (the first level) and the product brand or topic (the second level) are clearly regulated. This two-level approach also permits the corporate brand to be presented as an overarching umbrella for multiple products, topics or solutions

Sustainability Measures

For us, sustainability basically means future viability and it forms an integral part of our business strategy. We are convinced that we can only achieve lasting commercial success if we balance economic growth with ecological and social responsibility.

Responsible business practices are the foundation of the Bayer Group’s sustainable alignment. We can identify and mitigate risks at an early stage by implementing this alignment in the areas of compliance (e.g., anti-corruption and responsible marketing), human resources policy, product stewardship, health, environmental protection and safety, and supplier management. This is one of the key requirements for society’s acceptance of our business. On this basis, we aim to contribute to overcoming global challenges with our innovations, and in so doing develop additional business opportunities.

In addition, we identify opportunities and risks by analyzing the expectations of important stakeholders. We match these up with our own assessment, thereby deriving the relevant fields of action for Bayer. We document the findings in a materiality matrix.

Here are some best practice examples from the Corporate Live Communication & Experience Branding Team:


Lighting / AV

In 2011, we switched the entire lighting at the main global congresses to LED lamps and LED/LCD screens following test runs with various models.

The results were very positive, leading us to extend their use from 2012 onwards. We therefore expect that conventional lighting and screens are no more used at any trade fair booth. Switching the lights and monitors to LEDs and new, compact computers have led to energy savings of up to 50 percent.



Renting materials means that high quality can be maintained despite these materials being reused, as reworking of the material is ensured for each occasion. In other words, reusing materials means that top quality and flexibility are guaranteed, which is not always the case when materials are purchased. Putting packages out to tender reduces both agency and construction costs.

A standardized booth concept has been developed for many product areas during the years. These concepts are implemented for at least three years and then just have to be adapted to suit the relevant booth size. Using the relevant Exhibit Design Manuals makes it easier for the countries to implement the global concepts.


Material Opportunities

The materials for the individual components can be planned flexibly and can involve fabrics, wooden constructions or paneled system constructions, depending on the budget and conditions. This is also suitable for floor coverings. You can choose alternative materials, such as a wooden floor or carpet.


Scientific sponsorship

While congresses and scientific events differ from trade fairs and events, they require similar attention to branding and trademark management. If Bayer sponsors a congress or part of it (e.g. by sponsoring the congress website), the congress organizer will normally ask for a logo so that the respective sponsor can be presented on congress materials and the congress website. It is very important to be aware of how our trademark may or may not be used. Scientific sponsorship


Business examples

Every booth evokes emotion and creates a certain atmosphere. Generating the right atmosphere for our corporate and product brands is key. The following section brings you examples designed in accordance with the corporate identity guidelines


Basic design principles

Every event, whether internal or external, must follow our Basic Design principles. All rules specified in the Visual Identity section must be followed.

Since Bayer is the primary sender at all events, the Bayer Cross must be used prominently, i.e. top right, left or centralized, above the name of the event. The product name or event visual may be used at the same level.