Live Communication Index

Have you ever wondered how successful your last event was – compared to other events? Or whether your event made participants think about Bayer in a more positive way? Or what the media response to your event was? And was it worth the investment? You can get the answers to these questions by applying our new Live Communication Index (LCI). Read on to discover more about LCI and how it can help you optimize your upcoming events.


By applying the Live Communication Index (LCI) you can gain additional insights into the effectiveness of an event and use them to optimize future events.


Additional benefits from LCI

  • Better understanding of how to best reach specific stakeholder groups 
  • Determination of optimization potentials through evaluation of an event’s performance 
  • Determination of how the evaluation of an event is influenced by country-specific brand perceptions 
  • Insights to help you plan future events in terms of conceptual and financial priorities


How you can get LCI

  • Download the PPT for some additional details (see marginal column) 
  • Think about the parameters that are important to you 
  • Contact us to set up LCI for your events


How LCI works – in brief

LCI uses three performance indicators to analyze the return on investment (ROI) of an event: live impact, media impact and investment. To ensure a holistic analysis is undertaken, the live and media impacts are both evaluated in qualitative and quantitative terms.





Click on this presentation for more details of the Live Communication Index (LCI)
Please click on this PDF for a visitor survey for your next event with must have, should have and nice to have questions.
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