Product-related PowerPoint Presentations

The BrandTag is always used in the design of product-related PowerPoint presentations. Templates in 16:9 and 4:3 are available to facilitate design work.


General Rules for PowerPoint presentations

Wherever possible, the 16:9 format version should be used for all kinds of product-related PowerPoint presentations.

All the PowerPoint templates available here have been primarily developed for use on Windows PCs. They should, however, work on Mac computers as well.


Security labeling

Many of the documents you write contain sensitive information. That’s why information security is an important priority for a globally operating company like Bayer. Read on to find out how you can protect sensitive information by labeling it.


The information you handle day after day is always important, but the degree of sensitivity varies greatly from document to document. Labeling documents according to how sensitive the information contained in them is will help everyone to deal with such documents correctly. That is why we have now established three labels for PowerPoint presentations: “INTERNAL”, “RESTRICTED” and “SECRET”.




All the information about the right use of these labels and how to correctly distinguish them is constantly being updated and can be found in bundled form on Bayer’s Information Security intranet site (for internal use only). This site will guide you through everything you need to know and also has some very helpful FAQs.


Rules for creating product-related PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint title slides
The »B-ratio« for 16:9 slides is 13 and for 4:3 slides 10.


Positioning of Brand Tag
The Brand Tag is to be placed top left or right.



Use of Brand Tag on pale and dark backgrounds

If the Brand Tag is placed on a white or pale background, it should be outlined by a black line
(0.3 pt).


File formats for inserted objects
Images: JPEG (150 dpi), PNG (150 dpi) if transparency is needed.
Colour mode: RGB
Video: MPEG1
Audio: Wave


PowerPoint content slides
The »B-ratio« for 16:9 slides is 13 and for 4:3 slides 10.



The 4c Brand Tag with the line art Black Bayer Cross must be placed in the top-right corner of content slides.


PowerPoint master slides

PowerPoint master slides are the basic element in designing brand-specific PowerPoint presentations. The predefined typography and positioning of the various elements in the template facilitate the speedy and simple realization of a presentation.

1. Title slide:
You are free to design the background as you like, but as a rule, it will normally involve the key visual of the brand. Please pay particular attention to the readability of the headline and the sub-headline (sufficient contrast!).

2. Content slides:
The predefined sizes for headlines, sub-headlines and body copy must be complied with on content slides.
The color world of the brand must be used in designing the slides. Colored fonts should only be used in exceptional cases.

3. Basic design grid:
The basic design grid defines the exact positioning of the various elements. The key visual or the key color may be optionally used as background elements for the upper and lower sections of the slide.

4. Forward-looking Statements:
In all PowerPoint presentations the Forward-looking Statements must be included before the final slide.

5. Final slide:
The final slide also includes the Brand Tag and the Core Statement. You are free to design the background as you like, but as a rule, it will normally involve the key visual of the brand.

PowerPoint presentation examples

Security labeling examples
PowerPoint presentations
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