Brand Store and Webshop

How to order Bayer-branded goods in SmartBuy through Brand Store and Webshop

As the Bayer brand evolves, it’s important that our branded products, and the way we produce and acquire them, evolve too. As a result, we are proud to announce that we have released a new set of branded goods that more closely reflects the Bayer vision and personality, both in the products themselves and how they are made and supplied.


These products will be able through two employee-exclusive portals: Brand Store and Webshop. Here, we will explain the difference between the two platforms, how to use each of them, and what this means for the future of the Bayer brand.


Brand Store

Brand Store


Brand Store: For individual or small-quantity purchases

Are you looking to get some items for your team’s everyday use, a memento for a client, something for a family member or friend – or just for yourself?


Then access the Brand Store, a newly designed commerce platform designed for small-scale orders to meet employees’ everyday needs.


Products in the Brand Store are available in four categories, reflecting our brand personality and core activities:

  • Identity: Essential and decorative merchandise including stationery, drinks mats, multi-tools, bags, notebooks and accessories – as well as retro gear celebrating our history

  • Advancing Life: Products inspired by our commitment to innovation along with sustainability, from cycling gear to technology

  • Nutrition: Products linked to cooking, eating and drinking, reflecting our focus on securing access to nutritious food 

  • Self-care: Health for all! These products are for sports, fitness, and outdoor activities

Each category includes a wide range of items and prices, meaning there will be something for every requester and every purpose. And that’s not all: we have also put together dedicated Experience Boxes, providing everything you need for a range of purposes in one simple package. So far, we have created Experience Boxes themed around onboarding, celebrations, nutrition, and health and self-care.


The Brand Store also offers two payment options: Private, which allows you to submit payment details directly, or Business, where you specify a business cost center. 


Products with purpose and personality

The Procurement and Branding teams jointly designed this online store to meet different sets of needs – and to ensure we make a contribution to sustainability.


As the Brand Store is dedicated to small-volume purchases, we can order stock for this store in small quantities, rather than placing large orders that require large amounts of resources, energy and space.


In addition, the content of the Brand Store was curated to reflect its personal outlook. The products in the store aren’t just functional – they are also designed to have an emotional effect, inspiring excitement, intrigue or nostalgia. That’s how they help us communicate our innovative and approachable personality.


In addition to these changes, we increased our sustainability standards for all the products we stock – selecting only suppliers who use resource-saving production processes. We are proud to say that both shops reflect Bayer’s commitment to people and the planet, and our visionary, optimistic and passionate nature.


Where and when are they going live?

The Brand Store is initially going live in Germany, Switzerland and Austria – we are working on expanding the store to our other key markets and territories.


In these countries, as of November 2021, the Brand Store is the main way to order branded products in personal quantities.


Just head to to browse the Brand Store. Don’t forget –this platform is for Bayer employees only; you will need to log in first.


We hope that the Brand Store provides you with some inspirations and ideas, both for business and personal interactions. As always, if you have questions or suggestions, please do get in touch. 





Webshop: For large-scale corporate orders

Do you require a large volume of branded goods – such as for a product launch, marketing campaign, event, or to fulfil the needs of a large team or business unit?


For these situations, please access the Webshop which offers a dedicated range of products that are available in larger quantities. We will keep the legacy ‘promotional items’ section open to provide guidance to those who are designing or ordering custom branded goods.


Here, you will find a wide selection of Bayer merchandise featuring the familiar Bayer logos and designs. Hopefully, these will be suitable for many different commercial purposes.