Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Our Approach to Hashtags on Instagram   

Channel Overview 


Ideal number of hashtags per post: 7–12  Source

Users can follow hashtags on Instagram in the same way they follow accounts, making it easier to find and see content that interests them.


Placing Hashtags 


Add hashtags in first comment or hidden in the post.  Source


The engagement rate per post is higher when posts include hashtags in the first comment or they are hidden a few lines down within the caption (users will have to tap the ellipsis […] under the caption to view).


Maximizing Reach


You can achieve a beneficial balance between visibility and engagement on social channels by creating a mix of popular, moderately popular, niche and branded hashtags.  Source (2018)


It’s essential to maintain Bayer’s distinctive tone and voice, especially when a competitor also uses a given hashtag.


  • Popular (Those with 100K or more posts)
    Increases reach of a post. Use in moderation. #EarthDay2019

  • Moderately Popular (10K – 100K posts)
    Increases reach of a post. Use in moderation. #AgTech

  • Niche (Less than 10K posts and hyper- targeted to core business/category) 
    Use frequently to provide additional context to a post without lengthening post copy. #DigitalFarming

  • Branded (N/A) 
    Use as appropriate and include in post copy. #TeamBayer




Adding Hashtags to Instagram Stories 


Any time there is a hashtag within the copy of an Instagram Story, the content publisher needs to type it out directly in the app for it to function. So if, for example, a design file features pre-existing copy (e.g., those made in Photoshop files), any hashtags created and imported outside of the Instagram Stories creation interface cannot be linked and therefore will not allow users to select it. 


To avoid this, social content designers should provide (1) the visual asset without hashtags and (2) a mock-up of how the story should look with hashtags added while posting. Both should be uploaded to Percolate to enable the content publisher to follow the guidance established by the mock-up, while also having the ability to manually generate a workable hashtag in the Instagram Stories interface. 


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