Leveraging Paid Media on Facebook

Your followers are most likely see your organic posts in the news feed. In this platform, keywords and hashtags will not do much to draw more users to your profile or content. Instead, you have to rely on the Facebook algorithm, which analyzes content and prioritizes it based on authenticity.


Facebook measures this in terms of engagement and personalization, as well as demoting content that is likely false or “clickbait.” Creating engaging, helpful and accurate content is paramount, but even then the competition for reach is intense. The best way to ensure you are getting the most out of the algorithm is to apply a paid strategy.


A paid social media strategy ensures your content gets SEEN by the desired audience.


Considerations for a Paid Facebook Approach


When planning content for this platform it is essential to consider when and how to sponsor content, the purpose and approach to sponsoring that content and who you are targeting.



1. Balanced organic and paid tactics



Audience are existing followers

Audience are determined by targeting

Only runs on Facebook

Can also run on Instagram

Implement learnings from paid campaigns

Test creative to learn about audience

Free space to try new ideas on existing audience

Implement learnings from organic to launch better-performing ads

Free space to try new ideas on existing audience

Attracts new followers

Life of a post is short, cadence in posting is vital

Life of a post is completely controllable and you can make less content and reach more people


By utilizing the ads manager, you can run the same ad to both Instagram and Facebook. You can even allow the platform to optimize spend by performance.


2. Ad objectives based on the user journey



Content Role

Facebook Objective


Attract new people to your brand or campaign

Brand Awareness



Stand out from the competition



Generate a lead or otherwise establish a relationship


App Install

Lead generation


Regularly engage audience to stay top of mind


Video Views


Boosted Organic Posts


Customers trust the brand enough to recommend to others




3. Targeting based on audience current stage of the journey

Facebook targeting


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