Key Element: Bayer Cross

The Bayer Cross is one of the world’s most renowned and well-known trademarks.

 The value of our logo is very high and therefore protected worldwide. The guiding principles outlined here should help you to both apply and protect our logo.


Full-color, full-color reverse, black and white version


Full-color positive (4c)


Full-color reverse (3c)


Black version (1c)


White version (1c)

There are four color versions of the Bayer Cross. All elements of the Bayer Cross have a fixed size and position in relation to each other. The logo exists as a unique set of master artwork files.The logo options shown here are the only versions permitted.

The minimum size of the full-color version of the Bayer Cross is 10 mm in diameter. The minimum size of the single-color versions is 5 mm in diameter.


Minimum clear space


Required minimum clear space: 1/4 of the logo diameter.

Always allow a space of at least ¼ of the logo diameter all around the square on which the logo sits.

Bayer Cross on colored and photographic backgrounds




The full-color positive or black Bayer Cross can be placed on light photographic or light-colored backgrounds. The full-color reverse or white Bayer Cross can be placed on dark photographic or dark-colored backgrounds.



If you have any questions, please contact your expert:
Matthias Lindecke
Crop Protection
+49 2173 38-3633
Flexographic printing

A Bayer logo has been specifically optimized for flexographic printing, a process that facilitates the printing of packaging made of plastic, paper and cardboard.