Brand Training

Brand Training

Learn everything you need to know about our brand


The Bayer brand is not just iconic. Due to the long tradition of our company and the consistent use over decades the Bayer brand is well known around the globe and drives the positive reputation of our company. The stronger the brand and its reputation the better it supports our business success.


Meanwhile, the Bayer brand is our most valuable asset. It stands for everything we do, and it helps get our amazing work and product solutions recognized and well acknowledged. Plus, we all have daily opportunities to embody and strengthen it. But why is the Bayer brand so important? How is it relevant to each of us? And how can we effectively support it?


In this section, we bring the Bayer brand to life through videos of learning sessions which we held recently. You’ll experience how the Bayer brand benefits us, how it’s structured (and why), and how to live our brand values.


To learn more about the Bayer brand it is worth to invest one hour of your working time and watch the video here. It is the first video of its kind in the Identity Net. The presentation was recorded at the Bayer Leadership Academy Alumni mid of May 2023.


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