How to bring all together

Father and son put on rubber boots

Our brand assets consist of the Bayer Cross, our color palette, typography, photography and our graphic devices. Combining all these elements, creates a dynamic and progressive look and feel that is unique to the Bayer brand.


  • Define your application size, format and purpose. 

  • Where appropriate select a relevant image that embodies our photographic style. (Otherwise, use flat block colors or backgrounds with gradations, or white.) 

  • Use our typeface Neue Helvetica. 

  • Apply the dynamic angle if appropriate. 

  • Write an engaging or thought-provoking statement or short sentence. 

  • Create a staggered headline.


How it works in practice

1. Choose the appropriate logo.
Ensure sufficient standout. Consider the clear space area around the logo.


dagadg dgfhf ASggjg


2. Apply our color palette to backgrounds, text and the graphic device.


step2_1.jpg step2_2.jpg


3. Choose a fitting font weight.


Neue Helvetica



4. Find striking photography and create dynamic crops.





5. Consider the use of our graphic device.





6. Where appropriate create a zoom effect, by re-cropping a repeat part of the photograph.


Note: this should be subtle and not distracting (avoid distorting the main subject.)


7. Apply our dynamic angle where appropriate.


Dynamic textures (They should be used with a clear purpose where possible.) and dynamic angle.


8. Write an engaging or thought-provoking statement or short sentence.


Where appropriate stagger the text.


9. Apply all elements to the composition.


Text can have a relationship with the photograph or with the dynamic angle.


10. Where appropriate place the Bayer Cross in an appropriate area of the composition. Ensure standout and consider the minimum clear space area around the logo.




If you have any further questions about this or any other section of Bayer Identity Net, please contact:

Here are some examples

img_03.jpg img_04.jpg
img_01.jpg sssfa