Promotional Items

Promotional items must be in line with Bayer’s self-understanding and aspirations, and also help to boost Bayer’s brand image in the recipients’ minds.


General rules for promotional items

If at all possible, you should use the Brand Logo and the Bayer Cross. In case of promotional items that cannot be allocated to a particular brand, the Bayer Cross should be used on its own.


When logos are to be used, please use nothing but the downloadable versions of each logo. There are special logo files for certain printing processes, such as flex printing. Other combinations are not permitted.


If space allows, the Brand Logo and the Bayer Cross should be used on promotional items.


The items you select must be always in line with Bayer’s quality and reliability standards, and offer genuine benefit(s) and/or added value. They must also be attractive with a sophisticated appearance or elegant design so that even first impressions are of the highest quality.


Promotional items may only be produced and given to recipients if the items in question comply with Bayer’s corporate compliance guidelines and the customary safety standards.
Corporate Compliance Guidelines


Standard items can be purchased online, e.g. through the Bayer Corporate Shop:


In case there is any doubt, distributors are not permitted to use our trademarks. The use of our trademarks by a distributor on their own material is considered to be reference advertising and has to be legally reviewed and explicitly authorized by Corporate Trademarks (for internal use only).


Moreover, no co-promotion is permitted with distributors or other partners where both the distributor’s and our trademarks are to be used. See more details under Trademark Management.


Bayer Logo and Brand Logo

If product brands include their own logo, the Bayer Cross must be positioned so that it is clearly separated from the Brand Logo. Although both trademarks should be in the same area of the promotional item, they must be widely apart with the minimum spacing of one Bayer Cross diameter (= 1 B) always applicable. The optimal placement of the Bayer Cross is above and to the right of the Brand Logo. The maximum height of the Brand Logo must not appear to be higher than the Bayer Cross. All the rules detailed under Key elements – Bayer Cross must be complied with.




Branding of promotional items and packaging

The branding on the promotional item itself must include all the relevant logos. You must not put one logo on the packaging and a different one on the promotional item. Both items must feature the same logos. External packaging must always be branded with the Bayer Cross.


Examples of promotional items

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Production techniques
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