Roll-up Displays and Billboards

All these different media have specific requirements. That’s why good readability, top-quality design and customer relevant content are crucial in motivating a customer to start reading.


The Brand Tag is used in the design of all roll-up displays and billboards. Templates in various formats are available to facilitate design work.


Bayer Cross dimensions in different formats

The »B-ratio«


The diameter of the Bayer corporate icon is used as a unit of measurement. One of these units is known as a "B".


The basic element for the size and placement of the Bayer Cross is the »B-ratio«, which varies for different formats.

To get your B, divide the shorter side of the format by the »B-ratio«.

Alternatively, you can use the list for the most common formats to find the matching »B-ratio«. If your format is missing, please use the »B-ratio« value of the closest match.

Overview of »B-ratio« for most common formats







Roll-up displays

100 x 200 cm
120 x 200 cm
145 x 220 cm


14.3 cm
17.1 cm
20.7 cm



356 x 252 cm
712 x 252 cm


  25.2 cm
36 cm


40 x 10 ft
48 x 14 ft



17 inch
24 inch


If your format is missing, please use the B-ratio value for the closest match.


Design of roll-up displays and billboards


Design of roll-up displays and billboards


Positioning of the Bayer Cross

You can place the Bayer Cross on the top or bottom on the left- or right-hand side, depending on what best suits your specific design. The Bayer Cross must never be placed in the middle.

Key Element: Bayer Cross


Minimum clear space

The minimum clear space to the external margin of the page and typografic elements is 0.25 B. The clear space can be increased, depending on what best suits your specific design.


Bayer Cross on specific backgrounds

To ensure optimal legibility, there are rules about which backgrounds and colors the logo may be placed on.

Key Element: Bayer Cross


Examples of roll-up displays and billboards

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