Instagram Structure and Governance

As part of our overall strategy, Bayer maintains one global group Instagram page which serves multiple purposes. Capitalizing on the Instagram platform functionality, we will use the Global page to target core audiences with relevant content via paid.


Channel Structure


There will be one global group Bayer Instagram page representing the brand worldwide. Individual countries are encouraged to also have their own presence on Instagram if they have the resources and need to support them. In order to serve users with the most relevant experience, the global group Bayer page will be served as the default page for all users. Users can easily find a Bayer country page via search.


Bayer Global Page: Focus on overall Bayer initiatives and key reputational topics. Share content from otherchannels in the Bayer family as appropriate to elevate to a global audience. 


Bayer Country: Focus on country-specific initiatives. Share content from the Business Division and Global page, as appropriate. Shares should include copy with a country-specific perspective. 


Certain pages may share some overlapping audiences. Whenever possible, country-specific content should come from the corresponding Bayer Country pages before getting shared by the Bayer global page, as appropriate. 


Country Structure Approach When There is NO Dedicated Country Channel: When a country has no need for a dedicated Instagram page, but requires infrequent publishing of content for a local audience (e.g., to address media coverage, or share relevant news in the respective language) the relevant global group Bayer account can be used to reach that audience with geo-targeted content. Contact


Global Pages: Focus on overall Bayer initiatives in English. Share content from other channels in the Bayer daily as appropriate to elevate to a global audience. 


Country Targeting: Focus on country-specific initiatives. Share content from the Business Division and Global page as appropriate. Shares should include copy with a country-specific perspective.




The Bayer Instagram landscape is operated and managed by the global Bayer Channels & Amplifications team.


Questions related to the opening or closing of Instagram profiles, content creation, content targeting, or any information outlined in this document should be sent to:


Tactics when Opening, Growing, Sunsetting

  1. Determine business use case for channel 
  2. Determine channel management: 
    1. Content production
    2. Publication 
    3. Community engagement 
  3. Branded Assets Compliance
    Channels should use provided, approved image assets on profiles.
    Channels should follow provided naming guidelines. 
  4. Add to Information to Account Details Document
    Info Includes: account name, URL, associated digital properties, date created, intended audience, channel managers, and country/region. 
  5. Account Password Management 
  6. Sprinklr/MIRA Set Up and Training
    Channels should be added to Sprinklr and MIRA work environments to provide engagement analytics and access to streamlined community engagement tools. 


Key Considerations

  • Which channels do you wish to open? 
  • Is there currently an account serving a similar purpose or audience? 
  • What are the communication needs?
  • Are there currently any other digital properties (website or social) that will be supported/impacted by this addition?  
  • Has a channel strategy been developed for this specific social channel?  
  • Who is the primary audience? 
  • Do you have a plan or strategy for acquiring followers?
  • Do you have a content development strategy to support continued engagement on each channel?  
  • Do you have a paid promotion strategy?


What resources and budget will be dedicated to this channel, and in what capacity? (Internal and agency partners) Will you have agency support to assist in channel content creation and/or maintenance/management?


Before opening a new Bayer COMs social channel, please contact to share information.


  1. Ongoing Social Content
    1. A strategy is vital to support your social content. (content approval criteria, content lead, cadence, etc.)
  2. Community Engagement
    1. 1–2 people at any given time during the standard “business operating hours” need to be able to assist in responding to comments that come from the social community. 
      1. Not all posts require responses, but should be addressed within 4 hours. Is your account global? If so, account for comments coming in at all hours of  the day, meaning support will be needed in multiple time zones. 
  3. Reporting
    1. How will you measure the success of your social efforts?
    2. Will you use Sprinklr to publish posts and then analyze the performance?
    3. How and by whom will the data be analyzed and utilized? 
      1. Monthly and quarterly reporting is recommended.
  1. Review the business case for the channels
    1. Is the channel still relevant? 
    2. Is this audience still relevant/target? If yes, how well is the audience engaging with the content?
    3. Is there a team or resources available that is still able to own management of the channel?
    4. Are there plans or resources to continue content production/publication?
  2. Determine the outcomes for the channels
    1. Facebook/Instagram: Merge or Maintain
  3. Merge and Deletion Process 
    1. Channel owner outreach 
    2. Channel rep outreach
    3. Create social images & social copy for transition 
    4. Approvals for images and copy — Translate social copy (if needed) 
    5. Download and save all data from channel 
    6. Post notification; update cover image 
    7. Wait 14 days for transition period — Continue community engagement
    8. Channel Migration (or Deletion)


For questions or assistance with sunsetting a Bayer COMs social channel, please contact



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