LinkedIn KPIs and Measurement

Measuring Success for LinkedIn Content and Activity 

Performance analysis and approach optimization should occur regularly. Every post or series of posts should have specific objectives with measurable KPIs established. Each post can have a different objective but all should ladder up to overall marketing goals. We recommended only having one primary objective for each post so that content has a clear call to action. 


KPIs to consider on LinkedIn: 

  • Posts that are intended to engage on platform: Engagement rate [Number of engagements* / number of impressions] 
  • Posts that link to a website: track the click-through rate 
  • Posts that include a video: track the video view rate and completion rate
  • If follower acquisition is optimized: follower counts refer to previous six months’ averages for community posts; ask media vendor for regional / industry averages for paid posts to broader audiences Impressions, follower acquisition, and onsite engagement if it includes a link

*Engagements = reactions, shares and comments


Track your post performance insights through Sprinklr


Bayer’s channels are integrated into the platform, making insight tracking consistent for better collaboration and overall global alignment.


Visit the modern engagement reporting dashboards within the Sprinklr platform for specific KPI tracking. 

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